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The Enhancement Of Bookmakers Software Security

Bookmakers software is a system used in large sporting betting establishment, it's considered to be very secure to keep all the top secret information for members and owners of such betting shops in real time. The software offers very advanced software with an enhanced security and scalability deemed to be anti-fraud, the software is characterized with a high level of architectural structure and firewall which is impenetrable. The software is used in large betting establishments; it supports a very fast high frequency for betting operations across the networks.

Since betting is something which money is involved, the security of such a software is one of the most enhanced to strengthen the trust and members confidence in such online operations. A part from being used in large betting establishment, BOOKIE software is also ideal for just small start up operating just single branch or shop. When we come to bookmakers software security, there are many precautionary measures put in place in order to make it safe for users. The system is one of the most highly guarded against cyber-crime or frauds; there are a number of measures regarding its installation and infrastructure that we will explore.


Bookmakers’ internal security:

The software is designed such that once being used in a betting shop, the person or the owner can easily monitor all the activities from the control panel. The control panel is used as a point of internal security within the shop itself, it means all systems which are directly linked to the server are under total security. The server manager can locate any fault or fraud which may take place from that shop in real time, any server which is connected to the control terminal can be disabled immediately when any suspicious act is detected, the terminals are also connected to remote central servers which monitor all details in time.


Cloud security:

Bookmakers software is connected to cloud security making its operation not to be compromised, the type of connection is manned by high firewall internet infrastructure with is properly tested against any fraudulent activity in real time. All activities which take place from the point of sales terminals are recorded and details transmitted to the external servers, the Scan Bar-code and Mark Sense Slips operations are all detected with advanced security technology. The technology employed has been enhanced lately making the bookmakers software to be one of the most reliable and secure transaction system ever.


Accurate cashier interface:

The software gives very security through the cashier point of sale, the accuracy of every system installed at the money point is a testament of how secure the software is. The entire interface which is connected at cashiering machines is also linked to the main server plus other external servers. The BOOKIE can actually see if they so require all the details to a penny emanating from the cashier point, this makes it easier to trace any type of transaction which has taken place from the interface. The scans and bar-codes can also detect anything or a fake card.


Central server activities broadcasted:

The software makes it possible to transmit all what is going on from the internal servers, this includes every betting and sporting activities which are carried out online. It also transmits and submits details of members who used which machines and at what time of the day or night, the activities are broadcasted instantly to other connected devices in order to enhance security in real time. All live play activities and profit face is safeguarded by this instant transmission system.


Encrypted master password;

There are also other measures which are put in place to check on security of members accounts, to enter in to the program software a member needs a master password. The password is then encrypted in the members account and machine in real time, the process continues to a user’s computer or any other device he or she is using. Every activity of a member takes place from his computer without any personal information or login information reflected to the main server.


Bookmakers software security has lately been enhanced due to continuous improvements and enhancements, but one important factor is that it's more secure than never before with the central cloud security system in full play.


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