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A Few Great Ways To Get Clients As A Bookmaker

The best ways to get clients as a bookie  

One of the most important aspect of a business is to get customers for its products or services that it offers. Without customers the business may collapse easily as the main objective of it is not met. In old days, many bookie worked hands-on with their customers whether in local bars, pool halls or even in social gathering areas. They used to take sports wagers by hand and met customers personally to pay them off or collect some funds on a lost bet. Today, a sophisticated level of bookmaking business that use Internet and all technological advances has been introduced. Bookmaking is a form of business which require the proprietor to find the right customers. Some of the best ways to get clients as a bookie include:


1. Bankroll

a bookie involve moving money around between the players. It can be better if you pay out all the dues on some winning bets in the 1st few weeks. All Players like bragging about getting paid. This will solidify the bookie as “real deal” in minds of the clients. Paying the winners promptly when the win and expect them to pay promptly when they lose too. For this to work, calculate the maximum loss per week and begin with a float that can cover at least 3 weeks.

2. Be Organized

For business to run effectively, the proprietor should be well organized. This will involve account organization and risk management. Ensure that you get familiar with all the office management software programs and do some accounting. The process of bookmaking is numbers game, credit and debits out and in of player accounts. Before starting the sport, one should make informed decisions on the best actions to take. The action should pressure you or your clients into taking the bets which may not be comfortable. There should be betting limits for all the wagering options.

3. Market the business

For the business to grow in terms of customers and make more money, the owner needs to market it through all the means possible. Losers pay winners and you take the cut from them .there is need for a good player base in order to stay ahead. Ensure that in initial stage you have a manageable number of players. Start with people that are trustworthy and use them to refer to many other players who also should be trustworthy. Use recruiting grounds such as sports bars for clients.

4. The business should follow all legalities needed

Clients feel more secure in a business that has been established according to the laid down legal procedures. The owner of the business should be selective about the player he take bets from. He should get to know the prospective clients before booking their action. Also bookie should distance himself from being “the man”. Ensure that people perceive you as a bookie to prevent drawing unwanted heat. Have vague and noncommittal attitude concerning the inner operations in order to deflect unwanted inquiries easily. Just act as like a facilitator and allow people to place the bets somewhere. Avoid keeping extensive records and files concerning the business activities. If possible put information into a code which you are the only one who understand.

5. Use Offshore Pay per the Head Service

Every bookie should take a look at many Pay per the Head services available today. Services of a complete range of customizable options for betting just like you may find in the Las Vegas Casino. The players is allowed to wager over phone or online using the internet compatible device. The Host PPH has been used in business for many provide excellent support services and the reporting systems that enable one to keep track of all the wagering and financial transactions. Providing such convenience will attract many clients to the business.


In addition to these,treat all your clients with courtesy, respect and always pay them on time.The ideal customer is always tends to stay on conservative side during the wagering process on games. These players is highly predictable in the betting patterns over time. This is what one exactly need to add the stability and properly manage the bankroll and the overall financial picture. This customers will supply similar referrals to help your business grow in the best fashion ever. A well grown business will be in a position of making a lot of profit and sustaining itself financially.



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