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Secrets Of How To Become A Successful Bookie

In renowned sports like football, the coach usually invests countless hours and efforts studying their opponents techniques, tactics, system and a host of other aspects. This often happens before a team goes to battle. Information gathered is usually central in mapping out a plan or strategy that will ensure the team successfully beats their competitors. Well, the same procedure applies to a bookie too.


A bookie is a person engaged in the business of accepting the bets of others on the outcome of a number of sporting events, especially horse racing. He performs the role of setting limits and spreads and then pays the winners after collecting money from the losers. A bookie takes up a certain percentage (10%) of the win to the winner as charges. It's often termed as juice and constitutes profit for the bookie. To become a successful bookie, however, your business has to be reliable, trustworthy and characterized with good reputation. But how do you achieve that? Well, lets look at the ways to become a successful bookie.


Have best odds and deals( online bookmakers)


Changes happen, technology advances, and one such instance is the movement of the sports betting industry online. Most bettors now have a variety of bookies to choose from, and they are no longer limited to the local bookie or events and what they have to offer.


We definitely know what the above implies- competition. One has to stand out. One has to offer the best odds and deals to outshine their competitors. Customers will examine a wide range of aspects including sports, tracks, wager types, security, customer services, software features, credit lines, wager limits, banking methods and many other aspects in order to decide the best bookie to choose.


One should therefore make good use of the pay per head services and the variety wager types available. Set convenient and favorable wager limits for each players account. This will go along way in ensuring you become a successful bookie.


Make use of the pay per head service


This service comes handy especially when calculating what to collect from losers and what to pay the winners. Of course losers have to pay the winners. Working out the odds to ensure they balance -the amount your clients have won has close to no deviation from the amount your clients have lost; and a myriad of complicated mathematical calculations to ensure you come up with precise figures can be frustrating and tricky.


A sportsbook software however does the trick. This software will keep track of the betting activities and it will also give a variety of reports: winners and losers over a period of time, what players bet, line of bet and many others. It shows what one won or lost. This is key to being able to know what to pay or collect to the pay per head service.It therefore enhances the financial aspect of the business and aids in customer satisfaction and retention.


Expand your customer base


Customers happen to be the heart of any business. In fact the success of any business entirely depends on the ability to expand and have a reliable client base. As a bookmaker, you need adequate planning and creative strategies to achieve this. First off, develop a marketing plan that will efficiently utilize all the available tools and ensure you have a viable client base.


To enhance your marketing efforts, familiarize yourself with all the legal aspects concerned with the business and sport. Furthermore, involve approaches that will entail utilizing the available marketing techniques to reach variety of audience. This may include social media, use of mail and email, direct media advertising amongst others. The reason behind engaging in all these will be to sensitize potential customers by providing them with valuable information that will drive them to ask for your services.


Develop a wide variety of incentives and encourage your customers to make referrals.


In addition, improve on networking. Register and actively participate in industry related organisations and also engage efforts to make regular appearances where sport fans gather. Engage them in conversations aimed to somehow market your services and win them over. All these will be key to expanding your client base and making you a successful bookie.


Convenient payment and collection system


Any business needs a financial system that generates profitable returns and ensures good cash flow movement. A system that maintains ongoing cash flow and minimizes on risks. This applies to a bookie too. As observed earlier, most of betting business has since moved online and as a bookie you need to establish a business that will conveniently facilitate transactions between losers and winners over the internet.


Customers will be more attracted to your business through your ability to offer fast and secure payment options and multiple banking methods. This is a win-win, both for you and the customer since it will also save you time and effort. Most important is that your bookie business will be a lot more successful.


Minimize exposure to bad debts


It's not a wise idea pretending to act as a bank for your clients. Renowned sportsbooks have a standardized system. A system that manages all withdrawals and deposits. One needs to acknowledge that there are a number of ways one can transfer money today. By making use of any you deem convenient, you'll be able to run successful financial operations that will assist your business to grow.




The ways to become a successful bookie mentioned will be key to making you stand out as a premier bookie. It's a compulsory requirement to have strategies ,develop plans and make changes in order to experience success in any business. By observing the above then you are a prime candidate for excellence in the betting business.


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