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How To Become A Great Bookie

With the advancement of modern technology and availability of third party SaaS applications, bookmaking is no longer as strict as it was back in the 80s. Modern software and pay-per-head platforms allow virtually anyone who is interested to become a bookmaker or bookie as they are commonly referred. While everyone has a chance to pursue a career in bookmarking, not all who have tried it have been successful. There are various things to take note of before engaging in the activity. It is important to go through comprehensive information on how to become a bookie in order to understand how everything works.


Who is a bookie?

A bookie basically accepts cash from players/fan base betting in a given event and awards cash to correct bets. Bookies take money for specific outcomes and pay players whose bets turn out to be correct at the end of the event. It can be a football match, encounter in a casino, horse races or other competitive sports or even a political vote. The legalities regarding bookmarking vary from one region to another although anyone is able to enter the business and make substantial profits.


Becoming a bookie

The way to becoming a professional bookmaker is an easy one. After reading a couple of resourceful information about bookmarking, it is time to become one. The first step is finding a credible high performing pay-per-head platform. There are many platforms available to pick from and each has its own pros and cons.

Once you have selected a PPH service, the remaining bit is list building and betting. List building is the most hectic of all since it requires advertising and marketing. As a bookie, players must have trust in the betting system to pay them accordingly whenever they make correct bets. Beginner bookies can start with friends and family members. If you are aware of close relations who are into betting, you can win them over to your platform and betting system.

Usually, some level of advertising is required to complement word of mouth. Make sure the players are not in any doubts about being conned or not receiving payments. With bookmarking, the profits made increase with more writes/bets placed. Building and expanding the list of players is therefore a priority although keen caution should be taken to manage large numbers and avoid losses. There are many resourceful books and documents on how to become a bookie in any region.

Nonetheless, all of them touch on the same aspects of the business. An efficient platform that allows ultimate convenience in back-end access, navigation and making bets is all that is required. The platform should have efficient features that allow management of players and activities such as accounting, bet activation and monitoring.

The initial amount needed to start bookmarking business depends on the number of players. Some of the most successful bookies started with as low as $5,000 or even lower.


Steps to success as a bookie

The likelihood of making profits as a bookie is very high going by betting statistics. On average, players betting about $50 can lose up to $2000 every season which is quite motivating for bookies. However, success depends on how effective the bookie is at accounting and balancing draws made.

A bookmaker should be able to make profits regardless of the outcome of results. They must balance odds towards this purpose to increase their chances of making profits even when the results are a deviation from normal expectation. Determining the win/loss scenario is not as challenging as getting new clients and players.

Bookmaking is generally an activity achievable with a pen and a paper. In order to succeed, the most important thing will be to build a reliable list of players. Players are the ones who bet in every game and provide profits. Success also depends on instincts. If it is suspected that the good luck run may exceed available finances, the best thing to do is inactivate betting. Treating clients with courtesy and respect is a prime requirement of success for any bookie. Always project a professional image, paying clients in full, within the scheduled time and in cash.



Bookmarking is a very flexible career that takes least time to set up and monitor. If properly balanced, it can be a source of profits every time there is a game and can be done for any sports ranging from football to horse racing and golfing. It is important to go through legal requirements in your region before setting up the business.


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